musician, composer,
Hovkapellmästare (conductor of the Royal Orchestra), Director Musices at the University of Uppsala,
editor of the 1819 edition of the chorale book of the Swedish state church and
founder of the Nordic tradition of "studentsång"
(4-voice male choir singing, typically by university students).

He was born in 1759 in Ober-Schönau in Hessen (Thuringia), Germany,
moved to Stockholm, Sweden in 1780 and
died in Uppsala in 1833.

Portrait of J C F Haeffner

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This website is dedicated to the memory of J C F Haeffner and his accomplishments.

Since millions of Swedes have met his works, and influenced many of them, I want to honour my great ancestor with this attempt to describe his life and work in a readily available form using modern technology.


Anders Dillmar,
Publicly Defends his Academic Dissertation
"Dödshugget mot vår nationella tonkonst"
Haeffnertidens koralreform i historisk, etnohymnologisk och musikteologisk belysning
in Lund, Skåne, Sweden, Saturday May 12.

The dissertation and the defence is all in Swedish. Read more here !

English summary of the dissertation >>>

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